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Resources to help you develop feature-rich mobile apps for multiple platforms

Concepts are just talk until you develop the mobile apps that bring them to life. Complications can arise at any time and come from any direction. IBM can help you design, develop and integrate mobile applications for your enterprise faster and with fewer surprises.

Here are downloads, demos, and white papers to help you stay ahead.

Help with your app design

You're jumping through three hoops at once — aligning the interface, data, and security layers. How do you make sure your app is secure? Build cross-platform apps to reach the most customers? Identify mobile users and determine permissions? Get the most our of your mobile device management (MDM) software?

IBM can help you with mobile website design and development, app design, and data access and security.

Native, web or hybrid mobile application development Read the white paper
  • IBM

    A mobile application development primer
    A guide for development teams working on mobile application projects.

    Read the white paper (1.1 MB)

  • IBM

    Six ways to accelerate Android mobile application development
    Creating an integrated solution for collaboration among development teams.

    Read the white paper (390 KB)

  • Build, secure, manage and deploy mobile apps on iOS 6

    Build, secure, manage and deploy mobile apps on iOS 6
    Provides rapid support to meet changing mobile requirements.
    Watch the video blog

Help with app development

You're always being squeezed — that new app was needed yesterday. How do you effectively collaborate with all of your stakeholders and manage their requirements? Speed mobile application development? Get the right data to the right devices at the right time? Ensure mobile security in a BYOD environment?

IBM provides developer tools to help you manage stakeholders and requirements, accelerate cross-platform mobile development, and improve quality with automated testing and continuous integration.

Download the Worklight Developer EditionA self-contained, easy-to-install plugin for the Eclipse IDE Download for evaluation
  • Learn more about IBM Worklight, with free educational resources, forums, technical articles, and more on developerWorks
    Learn more

  • IBM Worklight videos
    15 videos to help you gain fresh insights.
    Learn more

Help as you integrate

Your mobile app can't live in isolation — it must connect securely to external data sources located within the enterprise or in the cloud. How do you quickly integrate your mobile app with the enterprise without compromising requirements around response times, low battery use, and bandwidth restrictions?

IBM can help you synchronize, connect and secure to deliver true mobile cloud computing.

MQTT Protocol advantages over HTTP in mobile application development Learn more
  • Create and connect mobile apps using WebSphere Cast Iron and IBM Worklight
    Reach the widest range of devices and consumers.
    View demo

  • IBM Worklight and WebSphere Message Broker help address key integration challenges in the mobile space
    What's new in Message Broker V8 FP1.
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