More stats:

• When you app fails :
   47% of customers will switch to the competition
   63% of users will spread the bad news
• When you app rocks:
   41% of users will visit your website
   48% of employees will use it to get more productive

A new Forrester report commissioned by IBM finds that companies can save 10% building an app and 20% running an app by following best practices – or have development costs double unless ten key cost drivers are kept under control.

How consumers rank mobile app features

Consumers value app performance over design,expecting apps to work quickly and work 100% of the time.They also feel the most useful apps serve an immediate transactional purpose such as checking the weather or consulting a map.

Why employees use mobile apps at work

It’s all about convenience and flexibility,but productivity also counts.By contrast,very few employees use a mobile app just because it offers specific functionality needed for work.

Why enterprises build mobile apps

Capturing,tracking and analyzing data to improve customer and employee engagement is the top mobile goal cited by business and IT leaders.

Discover the trends and behaviors that make investment in superior,multi-platform mobile applications more important than ever

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