A single environment for all your mobile services

IBM Bluemix gives you immediate access to the latest technology, to quickly create compelling apps that are faster, smarter, and more integrated. With APIs and analytics, you can build and run the next killer app, all supported with the reliability of IBM Cloud. Go from idea to reality faster with mobile backend services, powerful app management, and insights into app usage.

Swift apps on Cloud with Blueminx - clouds drawing

Swift on IBM Bluemix is ready for the enterprise

Now you can build-next generation apps, end-to-end, in native Swift on the IBM Cloud. Swift increases productivity as the single language for client-side and server-side development, with over 2,000 packages in the IBM Swift Package Catalog.

Java with Blueminx - clouds drawing

Java apps with IBM Mobile on Bluemix

Extend existing Java applications to new or updated mobile front-ends with Bluemix, our cloud-based development platform. Add new cloud-native functionality to your apps, including Android, without losing security-rich access to server-based data sources.

IBM Mobile Foundation

Built on scalable, time-tested, enterprise mobile middleware – that’s deployable on premises and on the cloud, Mobile Foundation integrates with popular development languages − including Swift, Java and JavaScript. It connects to essential backend services and is built on top of hybrid cloud technology so you can build, run, and manage great apps at market speed, with added security.

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