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Midsize companies are increasingly being tasked to do more with less – increasing innovation and improving performance while maintaining a focus on efficiency and cost control. Virtualization is often the answer. Through virtualization, companies can ultimately create a flexible IT infrastructure, with the right combination of hardware, software and services, that responds quickly and efficiently to the growing needs of their business. However, IBM has noticed many midmarket organizations only go so far with virtualization, resulting in a failure to realize the benefits of a truly virtualized environment. Explore the infographic for tips on implementing virtualization from industry experts.


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Explore the infographic for tips, on implementing virtualization from industry experts

Explore the infographic for tips

on implementing virtualization from industry experts

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Virtualizatin Insights from the experts. Virtualization is helping lay the groundwork for the future of IT. As you take your unique virtualization journey, hear what five experts have to say. Tell us what you think @MidmarketIBM #Virtualization See how virtualization can help you to optimize your business. To Learn more, visit It's one of the key things to build into your virtualization cake. Management and security lways need to be built in. @DKusnetzsky - Click to tweet Look at the technologies that drive storage and network efficiency, simplification and performance. @Nathan_Dyer - Click to tweet Your network should be as agile as your worloads. @DKusnetzky - Click to tweet You want maximum efficiency. So balance your workloads among your virtual hosts. @KenHess - Click to tweet Don't choke your virtual machines on capacity. It just leads t ofrustration and poor performance. @KenHess - Click to tweet Don't blindingly apply technology without focusing on the specific requirements of your organization. @DKusnetzky - Click to tweet Do you really know what's running in your data room? @DKusnetzky - Click to tweet No one builds a data center in a day. @KenHess - Click to tweet Nate Dyer on LinkedIn Nate Dyer on Twitter Nate Dyer's Blog Steve Garone on LinkedIn Steve Garone on Twitter Steve Garone's Blog Ken Hess on LinkedIn Ken Hess on Twitter Ken Hess' Blog Dan Kusnetzky on LinkedIn Dan Kusnetzky on Twitter Dan Kusnetzky's Blog Tony Pearson on LinkedIn Tony Pearson on Twitter Tony Pearson's Blog

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