What’s next in the world of storage?

As the amount of data continues to soar, so does the complexity of our IT infrastructures. That’s why it is now more imperative than ever for organizations to remain proactive about employing efficient and easily managed storage solutions. In the infographic below, discover the latest trends in storage that could help your organization reduce costs, cut data complexity and innovate tomorrow.

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Say goodbye to wasted, empty space.

SSD is now much easier to access, manage and monitor, thanks to new developments in automatic detection. That means organizations like yours are utilizing and benefiting from previously unused and wasted space on disk drives.

Access your data in a flash.

Data access has just become quicker and easier. By using flash technology, storage managers are discovering even greater speed without the need for solid-state drives. See how you can intelligently manage big data and cloud. Watch the Video

Data is no longer just in the database.

Think of your data as a whole collection of tiny little register receipts. It’s no longer random access—it’s a much more sequential workload, creating a need for stronger computing power to run big data analytics. To deal with this, organizations are employing a parallel and scalable storage environment.

Efficiency now comes in many flavors.

In order to remain competitive, today’s storage managers need to be familiar with the varied landscape of efficiency, including capacity concerns, energy conservation, administrative tools and complexity reduction. Learn how the latest solutions can help you get ahead. Watch the Video

C-suite, meet IT. IT, meet the C-suite.

The C-suite has now become an active part of IT conversations and decision making. With so many options for cloud-based storage, it’s important that these two departments work in tandem to discover the best solutions for their business.

An off the shelf solution to storage.

As the market and technology continue to mature, more and more storage managers will gain the technical skills needed to run object storage with off-the-shelf hardware rather than the current enterprise storage hardware. Learn how to address your growing data requirements. Watch the Video

Traditional roles no longer apply.

Many organizations are reevaluating the traditional roles of storage media. For example, blended disk and tape storage allows faster access to recently archived data while reducing costs by moving older, less frequently accessed data.

Gain more flexibility without gaining costs.

By employing a software-defined environment—which includes servers, networks and storage—organizations are gaining greater flexibility when monitoring, enhancing and upgrading their infrastructure, with minimal manual hardware efforts.

Keep up with changing expectations.

Using consumer products as a benchmark, many organizations have begun to expect the same easy-to-use interface and blended functionality in their hardware. See how an easy-to-use GUI can reduce complexity. Watch the Video

A unified solution is a more manageable solution.

With a unified storage environment, businesses are reducing hardware and management needs. These solutions enable both block and file data to be stored in a single, easily accessible system.

Discover how IBM® Storwize® solutions can help your business stay responsive even in a dynamic storage environment. Read the Clipper Group white paper.

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