Is FTP really free?

Take a closer look at what FTP may cost your organization

File Transfer Protocol has been around for 40 years, and many companies still rely on this old standard for their file transfers, citing zero cost as a major benefit. However, that simplistic view ignores the security risks as well as the hidden costs that result from extended FTP use for critical, production-level data movement.

In today’s business environment, organizations within a company’s value chain need to share files in a way that’s automated, integrated, well governed, secure and compliant – not to mention cost efficient and easy to manage. IBM Smarter Commerce solutions can help you get there.

The whitepapers and video below will help you understand the hidden costs of FTP and where FTP belongs within an organization. You’ll also:


Learn more about the three significant risks of FTP use and how to overcome them.

Take a closer look at the total cost of the operation of freeware FTP.


Watch the video and learn more about IBM’s point-to-point file transfer software optimized for high-volume, secure, assured delivery of files within and among enterprises.