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Managing your IT infrastructure is key to developing an IT strategy. For midsized businesses many factors, including economic viability, often depend on a strong infrastructure with a solid management tools that supports the organization's systems, data and security. Businesses like yours need a dynamic infrastructure and software solutions to help protect and quickly recover data when anything goes wrong, no matter the cause. Your business needs a reliable, cost-effective solution.

IBM’s Tivoli offerings span IT management categories that include systems management and automation, data backup & recovery, and asset protection & security. Security software is used to protect confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and assurance of information systems. Storage software manages and assures the accessibility, availability, and performance of stored information. Systems and asset management monitors, controls and optimizes the management of complex physical assets and computing resources.

Banco Bonsucesso Case Study (US). When a mid-szed bank needed to strengthen security while simplifying access to information, they looked to IBM to develop an integrated identity management and single sign-on solution. Tivoli Survival Guide. What kinds of IT tom foolery are you and your gorwing business facing? Using the Tivoli solution finder to identify the best solution to the most venemous attack. Hacker Protection. Cyber attacks are increasing, but X-Force and IBM Internet Security Systems can help you preemptively protect yourself from online security threats.

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Tivoli offers a full range of IT infrastructure management software:

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We’re here to help. Feel free to dial us directly at +44 (0)800 028 6282 (09:00 to 17:00 Mon-Fri) or email us with any questions you may have

We’re here to help. Feel free to dial us directly at +44 (0)800 028 6282 (09:00 to 17:00 Mon-Fri) or email us with any questions you may have