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Business Continuity and Resiliency

Restore operations fully and quickly after any disaster.

Whether caused by an act of nature or human error, down time can mean unhappy customers and lost productivity. If your organisation is not prepared to restore systems, data, services and applications in a timely manner, an outage can be costly, even catastrophic.

Midsize businesses can rely on IBM’s expertise to meet critical disaster recovery, data backup and restore and system availability. Our comprehensive business continuity and resiliency planning services approach disaster recovery from an enterprise-wide perspective, helping to ensure a complete and timely recovery from any disaster. We also offer solutions to support mission-critical personnel and operations at remote locations.

Blog: Continuity is Crucial. (AU) Business continuity is crucial to the ongoing success of your organisation, as it protects your investment, your business, your IP, your brand and your ability to earn revenue. Business Continuity Self-Assessment Tool Business Continuity Assessment tool.Try the Business Continuity and Resiliency self assessment tool. The Best Defense is a Good Offense 2011 IBM Global Business Resilience and Risk Study. (AU) Do you take a holistic approach to business resilience?  Maintenance and Technical Support Self Assessment. (AU) Spend five minutes now to take the online assessment and instantly receive a personalised graph identifying potential gaps within the hardware, software, and managed support areas.

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