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Cloud computing helps businesses of all sizes transform their operations and technology by establishing a flexible, adaptable IT environment to quickly meet changing requirements. IBM's cloud computing capabilities provide you with a trusted partner working to assess your businesses cloud readiness, develop adoption strategies, and identify business entry points. The need to accomplish more with less is at the financial core of every medium sized business, and the cloud's on-demand nature makes it the perfect IT resource for organisations that need to operate within a tight budget but also need to expand their capacity as their business grows.

Exploring the role of Ecosystems in evolving cloud markets (334KB) Cloud computing is providing visible acceleration towards a smarter reality, a reality that is radically changing the nature of traditional partnering and channel management models. Read the latest whitepaper. Exploring the role of Ecosystems in evolving cloud markets The Benefits of Cloud Computing (634KB) The Benefits of Cloud Computing IBM Cloud Series: IBM's Unique Advantages IBM Cloud Series: IBM's Unique Advantages Collaborating in the Cloud Collaborating in the Cloud

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