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Enhancing the experience of new bank customers, and beyond.

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First impressions count

From our recent research, we consider that the early experiences a new account holder has with their new bank are critical to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, longevity and share of wallet.

Analysing customer data is the key
Data analytics can provide you with the information to help you determine the most effective day of the week to contact a customer, the kind of cross-sell offer they’ll be most open to, the most suitable medium to contact them via, and even whether to include an environmental sustainability statement.

Being armed with these kinds of insights is sure to make your CRM activities much more effective.

IBM® can help you tailor each customer’s experiences
If you’re responsible for promoting a retail financial institution, IBM Business Analytics can help you connect more effectively with each account holder, right from the start.

Get a more holistic customer view, gain the tools to respond to market opportunities faster, and personalise your communications more finely with IBM Business Analytics.

See more results from our recent research

See more results from our recent research

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