Java runtime must support, not hinder, application development

If you’re planning to build and run Java™ Enterprise Edition applications in the cloud, you need a runtime environment that doesn’t require restarts. One that doesn’t need migration of your user configuration or the application itself—as you move them from development to production.

Your Java runtime environment must be reliable and efficient, so you can focus on building your applications. It must support your development work, not get in your way or slow you down.

Need a Java runtime that supports your development efforts?
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Java runtime

IBM’s Java runtime environment is the only one on the market designed from the ground up to be a cloud runtime. This production-ready app server from IBM is simple, lightweight, composable, flexible, dynamic and extensible.

IBM’s Java application server starts up in under three seconds, making it ideal for the frequent starts and stops application instances undergo in the cloud as workloads change. The Java runtime deploys in a small download and can be right-sized to your application. Application updates occur fast, and can easily be run in a cloud environment where you pay as you go to help keep costs low.

Java Runtime Environment.

Featured components

IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty

IBM WebSphere® Application Server Liberty is our Java EE application server custom-made for developers yet ready for production—on premises or in the cloud. With a start-up time under two seconds, no server restarts and a simple XML configuration—you’ll be developing applications in no time.

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix® is our platform-as-as-service (PaaS) offering that provides the latest Liberty profile as the runtime for your Java EE applications. All you need is your web application; IBM supplies everything else.

IBM Development Package for Eclipse

This contains a ready-to-run Java development environment consisting of the Eclipse IDE and the IBM Java runtime. You can use this package to develop, test and run your Java applications. Downloads are available for the Windows operating system on Intel 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

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