Speed, scalability and security

Monolithic applications are gradually being replaced by collections of application programming interfaces (APIs) that govern how applications can talk to one another. By limiting access and clearly defining interactions with the outside world, APIs make it possible for apps to share data safely without exposing all of the software’s code, in on- or off-premises environments.

Using Java or Node.js platforms, enterprise-class APIs can be created, mixed and matched to make entirely new web experiences – giving users the information and convenience they want while reducing development time.

Create APIs

Creating an API is not a single activity, but part of a robust lifecycle from composition through management.

With the bulk of API development still taking place on a Java platform, IBM continues to invest in Java technology to make it ready for the most demanding applications.

Featured components

IBM WebSphere® Application Server Liberty

Lightweight Java EE application server custom-made for developers yet ready for production—on premises or in the cloud. With a start-up time under two seconds, no server restarts and a simple XML configuration—you’ll be developing APIs in no time.

StrongLoop® Arc

Now part of the IBM family, StrongLoop Arc brings enterprise Node.js software into one environment. It allows you to visually develop REST APIs and get them connected to your data, and has built-in features like push and offline sync, plus graphical tools for clustering, profiling, monitoring and measuring Node app performance.

API management

Available in both on-premises and cloud solutions, its detailed analytics and operational metrics allow you to monitor API usage to ensure that the developers’ needs—and applications using the API—are being met.

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