How IBM Tech enables a Start-up like YAP

Talks on a Sofa with Paul Stemmet, CEO & Founder -YAP Dashboard telling us about using AI driven insights and multiple demand sources, to maximize yield for its clients.

Webinar: IBM Cloud and VMware streamline hybrid Cloud adoption

Optimize the value of your existing on-premises infrastructure, while confidently leveraging the same tools, technologies and skills in the cloud.

What’s Possible With AI – TJ Bot

We are introducing students to cognitive technologies and AI by helping them build a simple robot that they can bring to life using any available Watson™ service.

Business Tech Assessments

Cyber Resiliency

Book a complimentary, in-person assessment of your IT environment to evaluate risk awareness and determine your organization’s resiliency level.

Supply Chain

Take the assessment to learn how you can strengthen your supply chain and improve the agility of your operations.


Take this three-minute assessment to see how cloud and hybrid capabilities can unlock value and transform your business.


Get to know me

Gain insight into how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do. This service applies linguistic analytics & personality theory to infer attributes from a person's unstructured text.

Earn the Badge: IBM Blockchain Essentials

Understand blockchain technology and how it can solve business problems. Learn the basics of developing applications with chaincode.

Get special offers and great discounts

Take advantage of these limited-time offers and discounts across a wide range of products. Not ready to buy? Explore our free trials.

Book a private viewing session

Have a one on one demo session with an SME at one of the IBM Client Centers to see how these industry solutions work in real time.

Industrious Magazine

IBM’s quarterly magazine showcasing stories on the latest trends in industry.
What’s inside:

  • New Singapore Airlines apps lift pilots’ preflight burdens
  • How technology is reinventing trust and transparency in global trade
  • The X-Force Command Cyber Range lets organizations prepare for their worst day


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