The Data Problem

Talks on a Sofa with Anushka Soma-Patel and Michael Smit from Old Mutual, South Africa as they talk about organising data across the organisation to enhance consistency in customer engagement.

Gain Visibility with AI

Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility with AI-enabled insights to act faster with greater confidence and resolve disruptions in minutes, not days

Global Trends 2019

What is impacting the changing patterns of global corporate investment activity as well as companies' decisions to establish and expand across different locations?

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Boost your energy savings

With IBM’s energy saving solution you can optimize the voltage that you use for lighting, air conditions, heating or cooling systems. You achieve high energy efficiency while supporting your brand reputation by saving the planet. Sign up for a free feasibility assessment and start your savings today

Data Management with IBM

Learn how to store, manipulate, and access your data with IBM’s data management tools! This is an action-packed learning path is for data enthusiasts who want practical skills in managing and analyzing data in databases.

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Cyber Resiliency

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Supply Chain

Take the assessment to learn how you can strengthen your supply chain and improve the agility of your operations.


Take this three-minute assessment to see how cloud and hybrid capabilities can unlock value and transform your business.

Industrious Magazine

IBM’s quarterly magazine spotlighting top editorial stories on the latest trends in industry.

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