Photo of aged hands


We have been working for years on ageing population and inclusion. Best example is the study we made in Italy where the implemented solution showed many benefits of which the most important is to let people live their own life autonomously in their home.

Photo of an IoT-based world


Know our customers better than they know themselves and infuse cognitive capabilities into their business. How next-gen computing changes the way we live and work.

Photo of a dashboard hold by a therapist and shown to someone


We provide customers with the technology and expertise they need to power thriving organizations, support vibrant communities and solve health challenges. Systems of care are transforming, organizations are converging and new partnerships are forming.


IBM Watson Visual Care Recognition

It allows medical staff to be pro-active with bedridden opatients thus helping them avoiding skin lesions.


Leka worked with IBM to better understand the way children are using their robot toy

Neighbourhoods of the future

IBM Human Centric Innovation Center Director speech on Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence