Join the data science revolution

Open source data science revolutionizes fraud prevention. Banks and payment processors embrace machine learning and artificial intelligence. Frictionless payments and high fraud detection rates. Pioneered by academics, offered as open source. Supported by industry giants like IBM, Google, and Amazon. But wait, once you have created the perfect model to catch fraud, how do you operate it in a 24/7 payment environment? How do you get 99.999% availability? Resilience? Model lifetime support? Analytics? Compliance? This is what we have created Safer Payments for. Get the full freedom of open source data science with a bullet proof IBM product.

Next generation approach

Enables you to use any data science, any machine learning, and artificial intelligence technique – from any vendor or open source – to outsmart fraudsters.

All channel solution

Includes specific functionality to protect cards, online banking, and real-time payments. Profiles behavior and payment flow through all channels for lower false positives and reduced fraud losses.

Freely configurable

Everything in Safer Payments is user-configurable. Full adaptation to customer data model. New data feeds can be configured in minutes.

Bring your own model

Build neural networks, random forests, decision trees, and regressions, using your preferred tools. Combine models of different types into ensembles, to leverage the best of each modeling technology.

In-memory NoSQL database

Purpose-built database technology delivers peak performances of multiple thousand transactions per second on commodity hardware and any cloud.

Multi-model and IBM Watson

Runs any number and types of fraud prevention models. Watson cognitive AI assists with creation of decision rules on how models are applied for specific transactions.