Key features

Rules-based segmentation

Marketing line-of-business users can segment their customer data based on specific demographics and characteristics.

World class matching engine

Take full advantage of IBM’s industry-leading matching technology that’s especially designed for data that has not been standardized. Make it easy for your team to find the value that’s hidden away in your data.

Intuitive UI to manage customer data

Search, view and export some of your matched customer records—or all of them. Put an end to multiple outreach efforts to reduce the cost of your campaigns. Increase revenues with a 360-degree single customer view.

Embedded consent-management capabilities

Give your team the ability to add customer consent values, view consent and edit consent. You can view and edit the consent settings of person records and entities with just a few clicks.

Integration through REST APIs

REST APIs are a powerful way to search, retrieve, and update customer data. Expect easy exporting of mastered data for downstream use in analytics, big data, reporting, and more.

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