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FlexPoints comprise a licensing model in which each program has a certain value. Programs include: WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core, IBM Cloud Private Cloud Native and Cloud Foundry for IBM Cloud Private.

You can purchase the FlexPoints you need for your environment in packs of 1,000, which enables you to mix and match WebSphere and IBM Cloud Private. You can change the mix without additional purchase if you stay within your FlexPoints entitlement level. Or you can purchase more FlexPoints.

FlexPoints are especially attractive if you are planning application modernization projects or transitioning workload to the cloud. You can transition at your own rate and pace because your platform mix will grow and transition with you over time.

The IBM Cloud Private Bundled Programs cannot account for more than 30% of your FlexPoint entitlements and can only be used in support of your WebSphere deployments, inclusive of WebSphere acquired outside of the IBM Cloud App Platform for Hybrid Deployment offering itself.