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Tech Talk: Integrating IBM BigIntegrate and BigQuality

Learn how to integrate IBM BigIntegrate and BigQuality with the Ambari cluster management tools.

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Execution flow for a DataStage job on BigIntegrate

See a real-time use case for reading data from a Kafka topic with DataStage Flow Designer in the BigIntegrate architecture

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Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

A Gartner report positioning IBM as a leader in the data integration tools magic quadrant.

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Survey results: Data integration reaches inflection point

Organizations weigh in on their most common data integration challenges.

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Information empowerment for your big data ecosystem

Read about the importance of scalable data platforms that offer unparalleled cost benefits and analytical opportunities.

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Governing your data lake

Embed data integration, data quality and availability into your data lake environment to accelerate exploration and insight.

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