What can it do for your business

IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics on z/OS® helps you view the health of web applications and servers. You gain in-depth diagnostic information for specific application requests to identify the root cause of problems. This software provides a consistent way to manage composite applications throughout Java® EE application environments. Set alerts to help detect and fix potentially troublesome situations before they affect users. Now you can resolve performance issues faster, reduce downtime costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Repair problems before they impact users

Identify the source of bottlenecks or other defects in application code, server resources or external system dependencies.

Simplify app lifecycle management

Monitor newly deployed applications as soon as they become active, without modifying application code when it is changed

Manage performance throughout subsystems

Provide advanced application management and monitoring with diagnostics, reporting, analysis and resolution tools.

Detect and analyze memory leaks

Detect and fix memory leaks in Java applications with advanced diagnostics

IBM Tivoli Composite App Mgr for App Diagnostics features

  • Identify problems before they impact users
  • Streamline application management throughout the lifecycle
  • Monitor and manage performance throughout subsystems
  • Detect and analyze memory leaks
  • View all in-flight Java EE transactions