Features of IBM Cloud Identity

Log in with Single Sign-On

Eliminate username and password hassles. Sign into all your applications with a single set of login credentials, allowing one-click access to browser, mobile and on-premises applications.

Easily Connect to 1000's of Apps with Connectors

Easily connect to thousands of cloud applications through pre-built connectors or generic templates, to speed up business adoption of new applications.

Enhance Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance security and meet compliance mandates with custom authentication policies. Infuse multiple user authentication methods for stronger security with IBM Verify.

Free up the help desk with user self-care options

Provide a user self-care interface to let employees to request access to applications and reset and manage their own passwords.

Run Recertification Campaigns

Schedule periodic access reviews to ensure continuous compliance.

Extend SSO to Enterprise Apps with IBM MaaS360 Integration

Extend seamless SSO to apps covered by enterprise mobility management solutions.

Find Apps Easily with Application Launchpad

Conveniently find, view, and access all your applications from a central location. A launchpad that unifies all apps, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Embed MFA into Consumer or Citizen-Facing Applications

Give developers the toolkits to quickly integrate the latest authentication methods into new applications.

Enable User Lifecycle Management

Streamline user onboarding, off boarding, and self-service access request policies for both on-premise and cloud applications.

Empower Managers to Control Access with Delegation

Reduce time and skill dependencies on IT. Delegate the responsibility of application ownership to line of business managers, empowering them to provide their employees with faster access to applications.

Leverage Your On-Premise IAM Investments

Integrate commonly used on-premise directories like AD/LDAP.

Integrate Seamlessly with IBM Security Access Manager

One-click activation allows IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) users instant access to IBM Cloud Identity.

How customers use it

  • Quickly access all your applications


    Remembering multiple usernames and passwords


    Sign into all your applications (Cloud and On-Premises) with a single set of login credentials. One-click access to browser, mobile, and on-premises applications.

  • Enhance security with easy multi-factor authentication


    Ensure strong authentication to any target system.


    Quickly enable MFA mechanisms (email, one-time-passwords, mobile push) on an app-by-app basis.

  • Understand cloud application usage


    Lack of insight into cloud IAM risks and usage


    Evaluate and understand cloud application risks via risk score, compliance data, and URL locations. Gain insight into cloud application usage highlighting SSO connections, and successful or failed logins.

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