What IBM Toolkit for Swift - Linux on z Systems can do

IBM® Toolkit for Swift - Linux® on z Systems® is ideal for enterprise clients who need modern technologies to develop applications for Linux on IBM z Systems. By embracing the Swift programming language, enterprise clients gain access to millions of Swift developers worldwide. Clients can leverage the same technology and pool of skills across their application on the front and back end. Swift-enabled enterprise applications would also exhibit performance improvements when executed on-premises with IBM Z® systems stored data.

Developing Swift applications

Generate Swift applications for the Linux on z Systems environment.

Improving productivity

Use the toolkit which includes the Swift 3.1.1 or 4.0.2 compiler, Swift Runtime, Swift Core Libraries, Swift LLDB debugger, Swift Package Manager, and a sample application based on Kitura.

World-class IBM support

Access superior IBM service and support.

IBM Toolkit for Swift - Linux on z Systems key features

  • Swift 3.1.1 compiler (4.0.2 compiler in Community Edition)
  • Swift Runtime
  • Swift Core Libraries
  • Swift LLDB debugger
  • Swift Package Manager
  • A sample Swift application based on Kitura

Which option is right for you?

  • Community edition

    A no-charge, fully functional version for unlimited production use. Consider purchasing the license to obtain world-class IBM support.

  • Enterprise edition

    A licensed, fully functional product for enterprise clients' production use with world-class IBM support.

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