Announcing LinuxONE Emperor II

With the right platform you can deliver premium cloud services – faster, securely, and ready for growth. The newest LinuxONE is engineered to help you run open technologies at lightning speed, protect your data against internal and external threats, and scale massively and instantly with 2.4x better throughput than x86.

New security report

Time to rethink data protection. This Forrester security technology adoption profile explains why data is the new perimeter.

New analyst viewpoint

Accelerate your digital transformation. See how LinuxONE can help with a secure, scalable data-serving infrastructure.

Hackathon update

Think big. Now bigger. This virtual hackathon competition is heating up with $50,000 USD in prizes.

What's new and next

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Frequently Asked Questions about the LinuxONE Emperor II announcement

Try the calculator and see how much you could save over x86 distributed servers