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“For millions of customers, IBM LinuxONE offers exceptionally high reliability, availability and security.”

— Dr. Shuang Chen, CEO, Huaxia Express

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Get a blockchain environment setup quickly on the LinuxONE Community Cloud by leveraging a pre-built Docker image.

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IDC analyst research finds savings with IBM LinuxONE over distributed servers

Is the Rockhopper new to you?

Are you looking for superior data security and scalability in a smaller server footprint?
This Linux server offers up to 1M Docker containers per system to scale up and out and 34% more capacity and massive I/O throughput to speed transactions, responses and insights. And it does it on the world’s most secure Linux platform.

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“A system like LinuxONE is already set up for where we need to be.” — Shaun Frankson, The Plastic Bank