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    more revenue growth for data-driven organizations compared to the competition

    Build a data fabric


    Make data more accessible for enterprise analytics and AI, so your team can make smarter, faster decisions.

    20th Global C-Suite Study: Build Your Trust Advantage, IBM Institute for Business Value, November 2019

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    cost reduction in application migration and modernization

    Modernize IT


    Simplify operations across cloud platforms so you can build and scale applications faster.

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    decrease in operating costs

    Automate with AI


    Automate processes to make work simpler, faster and more rewarding for your team.

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    increase in data breaches last year

    Secure your data

    [Transformation+Zero Trust]

    Build security into every device and interaction, protecting your data wherever it goes.

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    reduction in project delivery timelines

    Collaborate with us


    Transform your business with a trusted partner, open technologies and an empathetic approach.

    “The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Garage” (PDF, 1.1 MB), a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, October 2020

    Because creativity starts with you

    There are no bad ideas here. From automation to data fabric, hybrid cloud to security, the new creators of today are inspiring change in unexpected places and using imagination to do the unimaginable. Together let’s show the future what the creative minds inside every business can do.

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    IBM offers the technology and business solutions that help get your ideas off the ground. Prototype, test, tweak, adapt and scale – let’s turn ideas into action through the data, automation, security, cloud and consulting solutions that define a generation.

    Your idea should be the next big thing. Let’s create it together.

    That AI for collecting IoT data is a work of art.

    That open-source data lake for streamlining operations — it is an inspiration.

    The challenges we overcome as we co-create a data fabric? That is a creative masterpiece.

    Developing smarter customer experiences and putting innovation in the driver’s seat at Audi UK

    With a focus on style, performance and scale, IBM Consulting partnered with Audi UK to better anticipate customer needs, understand driver preferences and deliver on digital experiences for the next generation of Audi drivers.

    Let’s create

    something that changes everything

    Connect with IBM to inspire your creativity and join the worldwide community of thinkers, makers, doers and creators working to change the world.