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We are no longer limited by what technology can do, only by what we can imagine.

Debbie Vavangas and Antony Roberts combined portrait
Debbie Vavangas and Antony Roberts combined portrait
Creators never stop asking questions. How does it work? How can I make it better?

Antony Roberts

Head of Digital, Audi UK

Debbie Vavangas

Global Lead, IBM Garage

Antony is the thinker, Debbie is the accelerator—and they both like to push the limits. An ideal pair to generate new results in an auto industry that hasn’t changed much in decades.

Moving Audi UK to the cloud, they created a customer experience that changes the way people buy cars and sends dealerships 59% more leads. Read more about Audi’s digital transformation.

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George Boateng portrait
George Boateng portrait
Coding is a creative process. It challenges you to solve problems in new ways.

George Boateng


Growing up in Ghana, George always knew he wanted to build things. Now he’s helping youth across Africa do the same. His app, SuaCode, teaches them to code on a smartphone.

George’s aha moment: realising he could scale up fast using an AI teaching assistant to answer students’ questions. Read his story to find out how his creativity could make coding accessible to millions of young people.

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Lella Halloum portrait
Lella Halloum portrait
Creativity is my chance to rebel, to cast my vision for a more youth-centric future.

Lella Violet Halloum

Digital Changemaker, IBM zSystems Champion

Lella learned to code at age 8 and attended her first hackathon at 11. Now she’s the youngest IBM® zSystems Champion ever, working to give young people a voice and close the digital divide.

After the 2020 explosion in Lebanon, Lella started Al-Wasl.Connect, an open-source hub for humanitarian aid. Read her story to find out how this 17-year-old is changing the world.

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Varun Bijlani portrait
Varun Bijlani portrait
What I do is simple. I modernise the now and create the new.

Varun Bijlani

Cloud Transformation Leader, IBM Consulting

Varun knows the power of words. The right story can change minds. It can even change the trajectory of a business, as he knows working with large enterprises to drive transformation.

The work is inherently creative for Varun. He tells the story of what could be and helps clients build new and better versions of themselves. Find out how he uses cloud technologies as a catalyst.

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