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Four people seated around a table, the New Creators of Singapore

We are no longer limited by what technology can do, only by what we can imagine.

Nicholas Kolesch portrait
Nicholas Kolesch portrait
Plastic waste is a complex problem. We must challenge existing waste management paradigms.

Nicholas Kolesch

Vice President, Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Nicholas is on a mission to end plastic waste. He aims to create a circular economy for plastic—addressing inadequate waste collection and improving recycling. Data may help him get there.

Nicholas’s team worked with IBM to create PRISM, a cloud-based platform that combines and visualizes data sets. The output: powerful collective insights to manage plastic waste sustainably.

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Priscilla Teo portrait
Priscilla Teo portrait
Creativity is having the courage to try what you do not know.

Priscilla Teo

Group Chief HR Officer, National University Health System

Priscilla is always looking to improve efficiency and streamline HR data to make the lives of her staff easier. After months of hard work, she and her team broke new ground.

NUHS became the first public healthcare cluster in Singapore to move its HR system to the cloud, simplifying HR reporting. And a mobile app gives 15,000 employees real-time access to HR services.

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Abhishek Kaul portrait
Abhishek Kaul portrait
Curiosity, collaboration and innovation make everything possible.

Abhishek Kaul

Associate Partner, IBM Consulting

What will it take to build a more sustainable world? For Abhishek, it takes a business strategy, client collaboration and a whole lot of data. He believes innovative tech can solve the defining issue of our time.

As far as Abhishek is concerned, sustainability problems require data solutions. He applies AI, edge computing and IoT to help clients make sustainability essential to their business.

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Michelle Shwe portrait
Michelle Shwe portrait
Creativity is approaching every challenge with an open mind and asking, Why not?

Michelle Shwe

Customer Success Manager, IBM

With a background in coding and consulting, Michelle has a passion for understanding how humans and computers interact. And she’s a big believer in working smarter, not harder.

That’s important as she helps clients maximize the value they get from IBM® Cloud Pak® technology. And while her tools are technical, her real talent is making cloud technology work for people.

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