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Group portrait of New Creators Sameep Mehta, Deepak Bhosale, S V Padmanabhan and Nandashree

We are no longer limited by what technology can do, only by what we can imagine.

Portrait of New Creator S V Padmanabhan “Paddy”
Portrait of New Creator S V Padmanabhan “Paddy”
The creative process is all about solving problems and adapting to change.”

S V Padmanabhan “Paddy”

Head of Enterprise Technology Infrastructure, HDFC Bank

For Paddy, creativity must always be in service of the customer experience. His goal: to improve lives across India by making financial products more accessible in remote areas.

Leading a digital transformation at HDFC Bank, Paddy creates secure, cloud-based systems that make banking services simple for everyone, no matter where they are.

How are you setting the stage for innovation?

Portrait of New Creator Deepak Bhosale
Portrait of New Creator Deepak Bhosale
As a leader, my role is to channel the creative energies of my team.”

Deepak Bhosale

GM Systems, Asian Paints

Deepak is a transformation specialist, digital evangelist and startup mentor—but also a singer, magician and tennis coach. He finds delight in building new skills and experiences.

Leading digital transformation at Asian Paints, he strives to help customers visualise and realise their dream homes. Using automation, cloud, AR/VR and AI, he builds digital experiences that make it easy for customers to design the physical spaces around them.

What could you create with automation?

Portrait of New Creator Nandashree D N
Portrait of New Creator Nandashree D N
It’s important to understand the obstacles, but not to fear them.”

Nandashree D N “Nanda”

IBM STEM for Girls

Though only a teenager, Nanda is playing an important role in driving progress in rural India, where girls don’t always have a chance to complete their education and pursue their career aspirations.

She’s part of the IBM STEM for Girls program, learning science, coding and—crucially—confidence in her own creativity. Her life goal? To study plants and animals, and invent new medicines to cure people.

How can technology make your world a better place?

Portrait of New Creator Sameep Mehta
Portrait of New Creator Sameep Mehta
A beginner’s mindset has helped me stay curious and excited to learn new things.”

Sameep Mehta, Ph.D.

Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Sameep starts his morning ritual at 4:30AM with a cup of coffee and his thoughts. This helps him stimulate his creativity and fuel his research into building trustworthy AI.

He also uses his creativity to give back. Sameep helped one student examine gender stereotypes in Bollywood. Analyzing 50 years of film, his algorithms now form the core of the trusted AI strategy at IBM.

How can AI help you transform business as usual?

Let’s create ↷something that changes everything

Transformation is a journey. From the first step to the last, IBM is your partner to bring new ideas to life.