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Four people seated around a table, the New Creators of Australia

We are no longer limited by what technology can do, only by what we can imagine.

Paul Bird portrait
Paul Bird portrait
Solving problems is a thrill for me. As an entrepreneur, I get to do it every day.

Paul Bird

CEO, SecureCo

Paul has a vision for the future of customer service, and it centers on people. He believes customers prefer better interactions—and AI can make them easier and faster.

His idea: remove call friction and stay nimble by orchestrating voice services in real time. With a hybrid cloud approach, his clients can plug and play—and SecureCo can scale fast.

How much could you grow on hybrid cloud?

Cheryl Bailey portrait
Cheryl Bailey portrait
I am very passionate about bringing others on the journey, and I want to inspire the next generation of First Nations people in technology

Cheryl Bailey

Founder, Indigenous Technology

Cheryl's 100% Indigenous-owned business helps First Nations people enter the field of IT. She brings innovative minds, technology and community together to help build a more representative IT workforce.

Bringing tech to the outback and the outback to tech, Cheryl's company Indigenous Technology helps close the skill gap through relationship building and training on emerging tech.

How are you keeping up with the ever-changing industry?

Nicholas Renotte portrait
Nicholas Renotte portrait
If I can make life a little better for people, I think my time on this planet was worthwhile.

Nicholas Renotte

Senior Data and AI Technical Specialist, IBM

What got a former accountant, turned YouTuber, turned data scientist interested in machine learning and neural networks? It’s simple—technology is Nicholas’s way of helping people.

Nicholas taught a machine learning algorithm to detect, decode and transcribe sign language. He and his growing YouTube community are using this open source code to improve accessibility in the field of language processing and beyond.

Explore creative ways to use data.

Kim Bartkowski portrait
Kim Bartkowski portrait
Learning motivates me. Doing the same thing every day is so boring.

Kim Bartkowski

Distinguished Designer, IBM Consulting

Once upon a time, Kim wrote stories on her aunt's typewriter. Today, she uses that same curiosity with new technology and human-centered design to bring the next chapter of digital transformation to clients.

As a founding member of IBM Garage, Kim believes UX is more than just pixels on a screen. She brings AI, machine learning and automation together with design thinking to help clients tell their unique stories.

Be the author of your own digital transformation journey.

Let’s create ↷something that changes everything

Transformation is a journey. From the first step to the last, IBM is your partner to bring new ideas to life.