Improve the reliability and performance of your equipment

Gather real-time data from your equipment

IBM IoT Equipment Advisor provides connectivity and data collection from a myriad of devices, sensors and equipment without requiring changes to your infrastructure or systems. Data collection includes the ability to see and listen to information sources. This is important because prediction and optimization require both real-time and historic data. The IBM solution enables real-time management of systems and equipment, avoiding cost of integration, getting started in weeks and not months.

Diagnose issues with predictive warning of failure

The solution offers early earning for operational issues such as impending failure identification, time to failure and probable cause, expected remaining component life, suggested alternative maintenance schedules, and identification of non-obvious linkages and quality issues. It helps prevent down-time, improve quality and reduce waste.

Improve response, lower costs with step-by-step guidance

Field technicians can be overwhelmed with information and lack an effective way to diagnose and resolve issues quickly. This solution mines maintenance logs, equipment manuals and technician unstructured data to assist with diagnostics via an interactive dialog to make repair and makes recommendations with the highest probability of success, including parts and tooling.

Continuously optimize the use of systems, equipment, people

Using cognitive insights, this solution constantly evaluates its current operating performance looking for alternate settings or operations to improve throughput, quality and availability. It suggests improvements to parts inventory management and spares locations. It leverages Bluemix for continual improvement and fast and flexible expansion of capabilities over time.

IBM IoT Equipment Advisor

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