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WestJet and Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics helped WestJet overhaul its operations and make analytics accessible to its business users.

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Michigan State University and Cognos Analytics

With Cognos Analytics, Michigan State University mined unstructured data sets and improved their fundraising efforts.

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Use Cognos Analytics to change from IT-driven to self-service analytics

Data governance and self-service business analytics can coexist, thanks to the next generation of smarter BI.

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Ameritas: enabling the business to extract value from the data

Ameritas CIO Rich Wiedenbeck explains how self-service analytics are crucial for driving a value-creating data cycle.

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How does Cognos Analytics on cloud help give you complete data control?

Complete data control means maximizing the benefits of analytics on cloud while minimizing data risks.

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PMSquare says Cognos Analytics is simple, but transformative

With a simple, accessible and powerful data exploration tool, data experts can interact with clients and deliver value.

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Demystifying modern business intelligence

Learn how to implement modern BI that combines traditional BI and data discovery with new user experiences.

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Insightful and prescriptive analytic value for the data-driven enterprise

Read how IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Watson Analytics provide powerful and complementary abilities.

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Defining the new business intelligence: visual, immediate and cognitive

To harness the value of big data, a new BI solution is required. Learn more about smart BI solutions from IBM.

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Governed data discovery

Top-down and bottom-up BI are not competing options. See why both are essential for a complete analytics solution.

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The next wave of business intelligence for the data-driven enterprise

IBM solutions are positioned to help organizations take advantage of the next wave of business intelligence.

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Capacity subscriptions for Cognos Analytics on Cloud

With capacity subscriptions, there is no limit to the number of users that can access self-service analytics.

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IBM Cognos Analytics

Learn how to address different business needs and integrate business intelligence across the enterprise.

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Why Cognos Analytics delivers better software as a service

Learn how Cognos Analytics on Cloud can simplify governance and help users access a range of analytics capabilities.

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