Sophisticated inventory promising: Your superpower for next-gen omnichannel experiences

How can IBM Sterling® Inventory Visibility help my business?

Fulfillment and inventory managers don’t always have visibility into accurate inventory levels. This leads to lost sales, customers aggravated by overpromising, giving away margin due to markdowns and expedited shipping charges, carrying excess safety stock and limited ability to enter new sales channels.

The IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility product dashboard

Benefits of IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

Say “yes” more often to customers

See all inventory on hand across disparate systems and silos

Get accurate, scalable inventory views

Meet peak-period demand, avoid overpromising, lost sales and rush charges

Maximize inventory return on investment

Reduce safety stock and carrying costs, and increase inventory turns

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Workers using tablet to do inventory in warehouse

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility overview

Find out how Sterling Inventory Visibility can help you see, sell and manage your inventory more profitably.

Packages on conveyor belt

Three reasons why you need a better view of inventory

Learn how inventory visibility software can help businesses move to omnichannel commerce and meet demand for expanded fulfillment options.

Smiling customer opening package

Inventory visibility and the customer experience

Without real-time views into inventory, you risk losing customers. Find out how an accurate view of the stock on your shelves can help.

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