Users can more safely access banking websites

IBM Trusteer Mobile Browser offers security-rich mobile access to banking websites to help prevent mobile users from accessing fraudulent websites. When a protected website is accessed, a risk-based analysis is performed on the device. Fake banking websites and man-in-the-middle attacks are detected by the security-rich mobile browser.

Security-rich mobile access to websites

Helps prevent mobile users from accessing fraudulent banking websites.

Security alerts

Warn the mobile user of potential risks and provide remediation guidance.

Protection from pharming attacks

Helps prevent attacks that are intended to redirect website traffic from a legitimate website to a fake website.

Key features of IBM Trusteer Mobile Browser

  • Help prevent mobile users from accessing fraudulent websites
  • Offer security alerts to help protect users
  • Help protect users from pharming attacks
  • Perform risk-based analysis of web access and transactions


  • IBMは、企業がIBMのクラウド・オファリングを使用するにあたり、セキュリティー、プライバシー、リスクのレベルを損なわずに、変化するビジネス・ニーズに合わせて迅速に適応できるよう努めます。