Offers a simplified approach to fraud management

IBM Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite offers a simplified approach to fraud management that is designed to help organizations identify and prevent fraud—while helping to lower costs and improve the user experience. It can provide out-of-the-box integration for IBM fraud detection, enforcement, investigation and remediation solutions. Organizations can purchase Trusteer Pinpoint Detect to address specific fraud detection challenges, and then add enforcement, investigation and remediation as needed using the built-in integrations. The integrations can help facilitate information sharing across the fraud management lifecycle and reduce costs.

Evidence-based fraud detection

Transparently builds user profiles to continuously authenticate online identities and more efficiently differentiate between legitimate customers and fraudsters.

Threat-aware authentication

Enables rapid enforcement based on actual risk.

Powerful remediation

Helps to quickly remove existing financial malware from infected endpoints.

Key features of IBM Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite

  • Built on a leading intelligence-based cybersecurity platform
  • Help differentiate between true users and fraudsters
  • Authenticate and enforce internal procedures
  • Prevent malware and phishing attacks
  • Remove existing financial malware from infected endpoints
  • Detect malware-infected devices and determine risk
  • Integrate fraud protection with user access management


  • IBMは、企業がIBMのクラウド・オファリングを使用するにあたり、セキュリティー、プライバシー、リスクのレベルを損なわずに、変化するビジネス・ニーズに合わせて迅速に適応できるよう努めます。