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Automate policy and compliance across unstructured data

Reduce risks and lower costs by using IBM® StoredIQ Policy to enable your organization to identity, classify and manage enterprise information according to business value. Gain a deeper and holistic understanding of your corporate unstructured data. Address business and regulatory requirements, compliance enforcement, data retention and respond to audit requests efficiently.

Provide a systemic and defensible approach to eDiscovery

Leverage IBM® eDiscovery Identification and Collection to provide insight into enterprise data. Lower costs and reduce the time and effort traditionally required in electronic discovery (eDiscovery) response. Decrease the volume of unstructured data by targeting only the most relevant information for a particular case. Create forensically sound and defensible collections.

Streamline the eDiscovery process for legal stakeholders

IBM® StoredIQ for Legal provides an end-to-end platform that streamlines the eDiscovery process for legal stakeholders. Gain efficiency and transparency in custodian identification, legal hold notification, and eDiscovery collection and preservation.

Enhance your ability to make informed decisions

Provide a fully featured In-place data management solution that enables an organization to discover, recognize, and act on unstructured data without moving it to another repository or specialty application. Use the powerful search function to accelerate the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content. Simplify analysis of large amounts of corporate data to provide detailed analysis faster. Limit the impact on user productivity by analyzing and managing data in-place.

Manage both unstructured and structured data in one place

Through the integration of IBM Information Governance Catalog (IGC) and IBM StoredIQ, achieve the discovery and classification of unstructured data. Additionally, synchronize data and determine which unstructured StoredIQ data objects are published to IGC. This unified data governance approach enables organizations to find the data they need, evaluate its quality at a glance, and feel confident that it can be used to gain business value.

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