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Integrated planning and management

Increase productivity by integrating planning and execution, and by managing the full offer lifecycle to create, approve, publish and retire assets. Boost the effectiveness of cross-channel programs and improve collaboration among marketing teams for better overall business development. Spend more time on creative and strategic work and less time on managerial administration.

Security-rich asset library

Manage your digital assets with custom attribute tracking, graphical views and version control. Benefit from a common user interface with dashboard views of information across product lines.

Centralized expense management

See how your actual marketing expenses are impacting business results. Quickly assess and reallocate resources to move funds from under-performing initiatives to successful ones. Save time and costs by decreasing the duplicated efforts of external agencies and other vendors.

Financial management tools for budgeting and forecasting

Define budgets and budget versions and compare them before finalizing performance objectives. Adjust budgeting plans as needed over time and see the impact of an increase or decrease in spending.

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