Think Summit Italy 20 – 21 ottobre

#ThinkItaly Il futuro del cloud ibrido e dell’AI è qui. Unisciti a noi.

  1. Rivivi le sessioni più significative

Think Summit Italy 20 – 21 ottobre

#ThinkItaly Il futuro del cloud ibrido e dell’AI è qui. Unisciti a noi.

  1. Rivivi le sessioni più significative
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Nuovi dati vengono creati a un ritmo sorprendente e in continua accelerazione e la loro gestione rappresenta una vera e propria sfida per le aziende.

Unisciti a noi, a keynote, istituzioni ed esperti di settore e lasciati ispirare dalle storie di successo di aziende italiane e internazionali. Scopri come grazie all’agilità del cloud ibrido e all’intelligenza artificiale le organizzazioni potranno accelerare la trasformazione digitale.

Giorno 1: Sessioni più significative

Le sessioni sono state attentamente curate per i leader aziendali che stanno costruendo ed eseguendo recovery plan per tornare all'efficienza e alla crescita, con un approccio sostenibile.

Exploring Ikea’s own transformation journey, this session covers the key building blocks to becoming a Virtual Enterprise.

A fireside chat with Autostrade per l’Italia and Turkcell discussing how placing Automation and AI at the heart of their technology transformation keeps them moving forward.

Learn how the Commercial International Bank of Egypt revamped its management of users’ identities and how Hypercell have secured the digital transformation in the public sector in Finland.

Senior leaders from Plataforma Tierra AS, an initiative by Cajamar, and Rebase Energy discuss how themes of trust and transparency, openness and security, speed and scale sit at the core of decision-making in the sustainable enterprise.

X5 Retail and Assima discuss how they are reaping the benefits of technology partnerships that deliver.

Giorno 2: Sessioni più significative

Pensate per i leader IT, queste sessioni aiutano a guidare la trasformazione digitale e ad accelerare la transizione verso nuovi ambienti e nuovi modelli operativi per un lavoro agile e flessibile.

Fireside chat with Circeo discussing how they brought the speed and interoperability of open, cloud-native technologies together with enterprise-level productivity and security.

Hear how METACO enables large financial institutions to securely integrate cryptocurrencies, tokens, and distributed ledger use-cases into their core infrastructure by leveraging confidential computing capabilities through IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services.

Sean Flanagan hosts an interactive session with Muhammad Ali and Amer Rasul discussing the rise in competition in the automotive industry in Pakistan. Hear how they worked together to maintain and grow Honda Pakistan’s market share with a stellar data-driven after-sales experience.

Now in its fourth year, the Call for Code initiative is the largest tech for good initiative of its kind. Hear how previous winners are using cloud and AI technologies to make meaningful change and the positive impact the projects are already making on people’s lives.

IT leaders discuss experiences in deploying a truly Hybrid Cloud strategy supported by IBM Technology.

Mo Haghighi explores the advantages of multi-cloud solutions and how cloud native development with OpenShift addresses many technical challenges involved in multi-cloud deployment.

Incontra i protagonisti di Think Summit Italy 2021

Keynote, istituzioni, esperti di settore saranno i protagonisti di Think Summit 2021: aziende italiane e internazionali si confronteranno sui principali trend tecnologici e sulle attuali opportunità offerte dal mercato per accelerare il percorso di trasformazione digitale.