Extend z/VSE with connectors and tools

z/VSE enables clients to extend existing solutions with connectors and tools to access applications on Linux on IBM Z® — or any other platform — and to access z/VSE resources from other platforms. Learn more:

What’s new for z/VSE

  • VSAM Redirector Server (updated 4/2021 for APAR PH35841)
  • VSE Connector Client (updated 4/2021 for APAR PH35841)
  • Database Connector (updated 4/2021 for APAR PH35841)
  • VSE Script Server (updated 4/2021 for APAR PH35841)
  • VSE Virtual Tape Server (updated 4/2021 for APAR PH35841)
  • VSE Navigator (updated 04/2021 for z/VSE V6.2)
  • Keyman/VSE (updated 04/2021 for z/VSE V6.2)
  • CICS2WS Toolkit (updated 04/2021 for z/VSE V6.2)

z/VSE connectors

VSE Connector Client

Write Java applications that access z/VSE data and functionality.

APAR level: z/VSE 6.2: PH35841

VSAM Redirector Server

Redirect all accesses to a VSAM file into any file system or database on a Java-enabled platform.

APAR level: z/VSE 6.2:  PH35841 ; Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client


Database Connector

Allow z/VSE applications to access a relational database on any suitable database server.

APAR level: z/VSE 6.2: PH35841


VSE Script Server

Provide access to z/VSE resources using the Java-based connectors without writing Java programs.

APAR level: z/VSE 6.2: PH35841; Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

VSE Virtual Tape Server

Provide the server part of the VSE Virtual Tape functionality.

APAR level: z/VSE 6.2: PH35841

Linux Fast Path Daemon

Allow TCP/IP apps to communicate with the TCP/IP stack on Linux on Z without a TCP/IP stack on z/VSE.

APAR level: z/VSE 6.2: GA

WebSphere MQ Client for VSE (as-is)

Provides access to remote WebSphere MQ servers from z/VSE applications.

Connector tools

VSE Navigator (as-is)

Utilize a user interface for the z/VSE operating system. Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

VSAM Maptool (as-is)

Create a data map for a given VSE/VSAM file. Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

CICS2WS Toolkit (as-is)

Use Web Services with your existing CICS programs.

Virtual z/VSE FTP Daemon (as-is)

Access z/VSE resources using the Java-based Connector. Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

JavaService (as-is)

Run Java applications, provided with the VSE Connector components, as a Windows service in the background.

VSEPrint utility (as-is)

Print VSE/POWER list queue entries on any locally- or LAN-attached printer.

Security-related tools

Keyman/VSE (as-is)

Manage z/VSE-specific public key infrastructure.

Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

LDAP Query Callable Module (as-is)

Query an LDAP server from programs and retrieve attributes of an LDAP user.

BSM Cross Reference Tool (as-is)

Control the profile definitions in the BSM control file.

RACROUTE encapsulation services (as-is)

Add self-written security checks with a pre- and post-processing interface.

Programming tools and APIs

LE/VSE Control Center (as-is)

Support z/VSE language tasks by exploiting the Connector infrastructure.

Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

LE z/VSE Run-Time Library Add-Ons (as-is)

Use extra run-time library extensions, designed to enhance functions available with LE for z/VSE.

z/VSE ZIP Programming Interface API (as-is)

Get ZIP support based on the Open Source package zlib.

VSE System class library (as-is)

Use a Java API to access system-related z/VSE system parameters.

Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

VSE Security class library (as-is)

Access security-related z/VSE system parameters with a Java API. Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

VSE ANT Tasks (as-is)

Provides functions, such as submitting jobs, issuing console commands and downloading files.

Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

Troubleshooting tools

z/VSE CPU Monitor Tool (as-is)

Measure the CPU utilization of your z/VSE system over a period of time.

IP trace tool (as-is)

Read IP packet traces captured with TCP/IP for z/VSE and convert them into the CAP trace format.

Multi Instant Logic Analyzer4VSAM (as-is)

Provide analysis (extent, space map, capacity, HALRBA/HUSRBA, and data space).

LE/VSE CEETRACE Feature (as-is)

Ease application problem analysis with an execution statement history prior to any subsequent application failure.

VSE Health Checker (as-is)

Retrieve, display, and analyze performance data from a z/VSE system with a Java-based utility.

Prerequisite: VSE Connector Client

More tools

TS7700 Bulk Volume Information Retrieval Tool (as-is)

Obtain information about all of the logical volumes a TS7700 manages.

ListVOL1 Utility (as-is)

Read a tape image in AWSTAPE format and print a summary of the contents of the tape.

Installed Software Report Tool

Generate a z/VSE Installed Software Report used for Shop Z.