Featured z/OS technologies

z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF)

z/OSMF provides a web-based interface to manage your z/OS systems through a browser at any time, from any location.

z/OS Workload Management (WLM)

This technology monitors the system and adapt processing to meet the goals you set, allowing multiple workloads at the same time.


Java for z/OS

IBM 31-bit SDK and 64-bit SDK for z/OS, Java Technology Edition, is a no charge, full function product which passed the Java compatible tests, carries the Java compatible logo, and provides the Java language and function for z/OS.

JES2 spool migration

This technology moves an existing JES2 spool volume (an extent or data set) to a new spool volume, or merges an existing volume with another existing spool volume.

z/OS hardware technologies

Capacity provisioning

This technology enables z/OS to manage the central processor, zIIP capacity, control activation of On/Off Capacity on Demand, and changes to defined capacity or group capacity. 

Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD)

This interactive interface allows you to define the hardware configuration for both a processor's channel subsystem and the operating system running on the processor. 

Hardware Configuration Manager (HCM)

This PC-based client/server interface to HCD combines the logical and physical aspects of hardware configuration management.

z/OS file management technologies

Network File System (NFS)

This technology brings system-managed storage to a distributed network and capitalizes on the capacity, security, and integrity of z/OS multiple virtual storage (MVS).

UNIX® System Services

This certified and integrated UNIX system helps manage and secure system resources from a single point, runs near 100% utilization.


z/OS language technologies

Language environment

This single run-time environment for C, C++, COBOL, Fortran, PL/I and assembler applications offers a common library, services and interfaces that are consistent across programming languages.

Metal C

This compiler option for XL C supports system program development to generate code that does not have Language Environment runtime dependencies and to express low-level programming logic.

z/OS XML System Services (z/OS XML)

This system level XML parser is integrated with the base z/OS. It is used by system components, middleware, and applications to parse documents with or without validation.

More z/OS technologies


This software suite automatically manages data and provides allocation control for availability, performance, backup, recovery, tape management, reporting and more.

IBM z/OS Communications Server

Build and deploy networking applications on z/OS and enable SNA and TCP/IP applications on z/OS to interact with applications and users in a secure manner.

PKI services

This software allows administrators to approve, modify or reject requests from users in accordance with policies through a web browser.

Print software for z/OS

IBM Print Services Facility (PSF) and Infoprint Server help manage your z/OS production printing environment.


This tool installs and maintains software in z/OS systems and subsystems controls these changes at the element level.

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