IBM® z/Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF) is a high-volume, high-throughput transaction processor, that can handle large, continuous loads of essentially simple transactions across large, geographically dispersed networks. But it is more than just a transaction processor. z/TPF is also an operating system and a unique database, all designed to work together as one system.

  • Fast, consistent responses, even during unpredictable transaction peaks
  • Manages up to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second
  • Low cost per transaction
  • Centralized database handling

Foundational software

z/Transaction Processing Facility Enterprise Edition

This operating system is designed to provide availability for high-volume, near real-time transactions.

z/Transaction Processing Facility Database Facility

This database manager increases programmer productivity.

Explore the product family

TPF Operations Server

This is a console automation and enhancement application for the administration and maintenance of IBM z/TPF.

TPF Toolkit

This is an Eclipse-based development environment that can edit, compile and debug IBM TPF applications.