What is Instant Recovery?

IBM Z® systems are the industry’s most dependable infrastructure. Even so, planned or unplanned downtime can still occur.

IBM Z Instant Recovery uses technologies available exclusively on IBM z15™ to minimize the duration and impact of downtime and accelerate the recovery of mission-critical applications – with no increase in IBM software licensing costs or MSU consumption.

Explore the benefits

Deliver on your SLAs faster after service disruptions

Keep your customers satisfied and meet your most demanding service level agreements by unleashing additional processing capacity for a temporary boost period after a planned or unplanned outage.


Return to your pre-shutdown SLAs in up to 50 percent less time.


Process your transactional backlog by up to 2 times faster.


Process your batch backlog by up to 2.5 times faster.

How Instant Recovery works

Speed Boost enables general-purpose processors on sub-capacity machines to run at full-capacity speed in the boosted image(s).

zIIP Boost provides capacity and parallelism by enabling general-purpose workloads to run on zIIP processors that are available to the boosted image(s).

GDPS® enhancements increase the speed at which GDPS drives hardware actions, such as reconfiguration and orchestration.

Get it on IBM z15

The platform for resiliency

Companies are looking to navigate through challenging times, build superb service and use resiliency as a differentiator. With fast system recovery capabilities and superb resiliency, the new IBM z15 can help you meet the most demanding service requirements.

Hear from analysts

Because planned downtime is costly, some enterprises try to avoid it for needed bug fixes and security updates… [this] results in a greater risk of unplanned downtime, creating a downtime cycle.

Forrester Consulting¹

Hear from customers

IBM’s Z is in a class of its own: 83% of respondents said their firms achieved five and six nines – 99.999% and 99.9999% – or greater uptime



Dive deeper into System Recovery Boost features.


Explore the frequently asked questions about System Recovery Boost.

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See how companies are striving for zero downtime using IBM Z solutions.

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“The Real Costs Of Planned And Unplanned Downtime,” Forrester Consulting, August 2019 is a Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A Custom Study Commissioned by IBM