GDPS® Version 4.1

Implementation Services for GDPS Version 4.1 has been introduced with enhancements addressing a number of key areas. These include a new capability for GDPS to provide enhanced protection for a client's production data to help ensure a data corruption event can be recovered from.

GDPS® Version 3.14

Implementation services for GDPS Version 3.14 have been enhanced with several new capabilities that address improved cross-platform support, boosted availability, increased scalability and simplified systems management.

New capabilities

Logical Corruption Protection (LCP) Manager

Create up to 11 consistent point-in-time copies of a source device. Ten of these copies have no UCBs defined to prevent tampering or usage. The 11th copy will have UCBs defined on systems that are not part of the GDPS Sysplex. These other systems, once IPLed, can access this set of disk.

GDPS Metro

Provides support to not only ensure consistency of the secondary data (Freeze) for KVM instances running on IBM Z, but provides the mechanism to perform controlled shutdown and restart of the KVM environment from a single point of control.

GDPS health checks

Offers real time checking of the environment to ensure that rules of thumb or recommendations are being followed to reduce the risk of undetected configuration problems causing recovery issues.

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