What is Tailored Fit Pricing?

Tailored Fit Pricing is a new, flexible software pricing model that dramatically simplifies the existing pricing landscape through flexible deployment options tailored to your IBM Z environment.

Two new pricing solutions, Enterprise Consumption and Enterprise Capacity, offer alternatives to the rolling four-hour average (R4HA) based pricing model, for both new and existing workloads.

Explore two new Tailored Fit Pricing options

Enterprise Consumption Solution

This cloud-like, usage-based licensing model offers price predictability and financial certainty.

Enterprise Capacity Solution

This full-capacity licensing model offers the simplest pricing available.

Explore more Tailored Fit Pricing options

Application Development and Test Solution

Eliminate the need for capping even during peaks with a low-cost, high-capacity z/OS development environment.

New Application Solution

Consumption-based pricing for new z/OS-based applications provides predictability, transparency and a direct connection to business value.

Hear from customers

Early adopters of Enterprise Consumption

"With Tailored Fit Pricing, we don’t have to worry about predicting demand any more. Instead, we can leave capacity on — and pay only for what we use."

– Terry Glover, Director of Infrastructure, Dillard’s

Simpler operations with Enterprise Consumption

"Thanks to Tailored Fit Pricing, we have significantly reduced the planning work, eliminated capping, and ensured that our costs are less influenced by peaks, which offers greater value overall.”

– Thomas Heitlinger, System Planner, Fiducia & GAD IT AG

Leveraging mainframe apps with DevTest

“This new competitive pricing option was a game-changer for us and we are very happy with this cost-efficient offering.”

— Walter Svoboda, CEO, Wüstenrot Datenservice GmbH

Which software pricing solution would be best?

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