Help with submitting SCRT Reports to IBM

For 24x7 help submitting SCRT Reports to IBM using the License Management Support (LMS) application, including help with LMS outages or using LMS, please contact the LMS Customer Support Center:

via phone: +44 2392 28 98 80

Help with getting authorization to use LMS

See how to obtain authorization for LMS to submit SCRT Reports to IBM.

Forward your Authorization Request Form to the correct country e-mail ID as listed in the "LMS Authorization Request e-mail ID" column of this table. If you have not received the “Access granted” e-mail after three business days, check the table and contact them again.

Note: The Email Subscription function in LMS does not require any authorization. Anyone who would like to be informed about planned changes to SCRT may subscribe to SCRT news updates using the Email Subscription function in LMS.

Help with downloading the SCRT, PlexCalc, and other tools

IBM strongly urges you to clear your browser cache before downloading. For help logging on to the IBM Software Download website or downloading the SCRT, SCRT89RU, Value Unit Converter, or PlexCalc deliverables, please contact the IBM Software Download Support Center:

Help with the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT)

The SCRT Users Guide should be your first point of reference for all questions about configuring your system for sub-capacity, tailoring the SCRT JCL, running the SCRT program, and interpreting the SCRT Reports.

Calculating sub-capacity charges

If you have questions about how SCRT calculates the MSUs it reports for a program or questions about how Defined Capacity and Group Capacity can be used to help control your sub-capacity software charges, IBM offers several downloadable educational modules.

Moving programs and/or workloads

If you have questions about how your SCRT Reports may be affected by moving LPARs between machines, moving workloads between LPARs, or moving programs, please see the sub-capacity rules for moving programs and workloads

Machine upgrades or consolidations

If you have questions about the process to follow when you have machine upgrades or machine consolidations, please see the procedures for running SCRT and submitting Sub-Capacity Reports.

If you have questions about your invoice or bill, or need further help interpreting the SCRT Report, please contact your IBM Sales Representative or IBM Business Partner.

SCRT technical support Use the following procedure to get SCRT technical support from IBM, or use it whenever the SCRT documentation directs you to open a service request (SR, formerly known as a PMR).

Service Request procedure

  1. Go to the IBM Support Portal.

  2. Under "Common support links", click Service requests for hardware and software (PMRs).

  3. Sign in with your IBMid. If you don't have an IBMid, you can register for one.

  4. Click New service request.

  5. In the list of options, click I am having a problem with software.

  6. Specify a product/component, as follows:

  • z/OS customers: Enter one of the following keywords to locate the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool:
    • SCRT
    • 5752SCRT2 
    • sub-capacity reporting tool
    • z/VSE customers: Enter VSE

  7. Provide all other necessary information to complete the request, such as:

  • A thorough description of the problem or question
  • The CSV report output file(s) from SCRT
  • The full JCL and any parameters used when running SCRT
  • The full SYSPRINT output from the running of SCRT

Get additional help with opening a service request

Help with the Sysplex Verification Package (SVP) and the Sysplex Calculator (PlexCalc) Tool

For help completing a Sysplex Verification Package (SVP), help using the Sysplex Calculator (PlexCalc), or help interpreting the PlexCalc Report, please contact IBM

Please be sure to include all of the following information in any correspondence with the Sysplex Calculator Support Team:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your company's name
  • Your IBM customer number
  • A thorough description of the problem or question
  • The CSV output file from PlexCalc (if appropriate)
  • The full JCL and any parameters used when running PlexCalc (if appropriate)
  • The full SYSPRINT output from the running of PlexCalc (if appropriate)

The Sysplex Calculator Support Team maintains business hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm US Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. We will normally respond to your question/problem within five business days; however, some complex issues may require more time to research.