How secure is your data?

The challenge
The average person will likely generate over 1M gigabytes of health data (2). With data-breach risks increasing and data sources multiplying exponentially, selectively encrypting data is no longer efficient or wise. And while the digitization of patient records has enabled better care, it has also created:

  • Large volumes of data from multiple sources and platforms
  • The requirement to protect all of this data from breaches
  • Challenges in meeting evolving regulatory requirements


The cost of a healthcare data breach averages USD 3.6 million per event.(3)


The per capita breach cost to healthcare is 44% more than any other industry.(4)

The solution
Pervasive encryption on IBM Z encrypts 100% of application, cloud service and database data without slowing down operations. This innovative process empowers you to build digital trust with patients by handling their most sensitive data in a security-rich environment. And pervasive encryption helps you reduce the cost of compliance with regulations and mandates.

Can you anticipate needs?

The challenge
You need to deliver the care patients desire, make diagnoses quickly and identify high-risk patients faster. To do this, your organization must swiftly analyze and learn from vast amounts of patient data in real time.


64% of consumers expect a response or interaction in real time.


Over 30 billion transactions a day are supported on the IBM Z platform.(5)

The solution
Machine learning allows your systems to learn without specific programming and with minimal human effort. With IBM Z, you can apply machine learning to your most valuable data – the data that originates and resides on the platform – to create deeper actionable insights and predict behavior in real time.

How quickly can you innovate?

The challenge
In today’s fast-moving healthcare landscape, your organization must be agile to thrive. Rapidly innovating care delivery will help you keep pace with:

  • Policies and programs that incentivize value-based care
  • Evolving patient needs and expectations
  • New technologies, such as apps and connected care portals


Over 55% of all enterprise application transactions run on the mainframe.(6)


80% of the world’s structured enterprise data resides on the mainframe.(7)

The solution

DevOps, a framework for agile development, helps accelerate innovation. IBM Z provides a DevOps framework that leverages agile processes and tools to drive rapid plan, develop, test and launch cycles. The results? Innovations that optimize efficiency and proactive value-based care.

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