Chuck Howard

Business Development Manager, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

“An Agile and DevOps track let us move forward and stay focused on priorities.”

“We were a legacy shop that did all our testing and gave it to the business unit for approval. We began to realize that test cases didn’t match and quality wasn’t as good as it should be. We went down an infrastructure path with a test-driven deployment strategy, and began exploring an Agile and DevOps track. This became a path that made everything more transparent, improved relationships with the business unit, and allowed us to move forward. It’s let us stay focused on priorities.”

IBM's take

Modern environments call for new methods for testing. Testing in isolation, shielded from production-environment code coverage and workloads, can produce haphazard results and miss important issues. Embracing a set of DevOps practices that include test-driven deployment is a way to keep quality levels high.

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