Dez Blanchfield

Chief Data Scientist, GaraGuru

“It is a fools errand to attempt to manage today’s diverse & demanding application and system environments ‘the old way.’”

“There can be little doubt that modern systems and applications can only be appropriately managed and maintained with modern day tools. Delivering innovation while controlling both cost and risk through development, operations and support teams to ensure appropriate rapid automated testing, managing configuration, environments, data, and implementation deployment pipeline, requires what some might have once considered impossible. With ADDI, organizations can now meet the challenge of dramatically simplifying the task of scanning application interdependencies, building change management strategies, and implementing effective digital transformation processes by leveraging the API economy, hybrid cloud migration via APIs, and correlating it with runtime operational performance data to achieve cognitive DevOps.”

IBM's take

Gone are the days of trying to manage rapidly changing applications with a mix of guesswork and blind faith. Today, modern software development and analytics tools allow for dramatically simplified management of environments, configurations and data. These tools can deliver real-world application analytics at scale, allowing development and operations teams to support innovation while controlling both cost and risk.

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