Torger Thevik

Partner, Head of Enterprise Modernization, Xact

“Start building application insight, development agility and test infrastructure today, to deliver the mainframe systems of tomorrow.”

“For years, the perception has been that development for the mainframe cannot follow the same processes and rules as for other platforms. For other platforms, development has moved towards an agile process where deliveries are deployed frequently in small batches, while mainframe development has stayed slow, centralized, cumbersome and characterized by large batches and low agility. We have worked to make development for the mainframe server just as simple and intuitive as other development processes, using new tools for change processes, documentation, testing, and feedback systems. All this will tear down the walls, enabling development for mainframe and other platforms into one unified process, while preserving the stability, predictability and quality of the mainframe deployments.”

IBM's take

Agile development methods are a natural choice when working on the cloud, but may feel out of step with mainframe development, especially on legacy systems. Too often, you end up with one way of working on cloud applications, and a different way of working on mainframe applications. What happens when teams need to work together, share resources, and cooperate in multiple environments? New tools are finally bringing the two sides together to help them work consistently and efficiently.

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