Adarsh Khanna

Senior Technology Architect, Infosys

“Incomplete understanding leads to high response time to business change due to ineffective impact analysis, incomplete end-to-end testing and not so obvious performance issues. ADDI addresses most of the challenges.”

“Application Discovery performs static inventory analysis to visually represent all types of flows/graphs and inter-dependencies. One of its best features is its ability to create complexity reports and an impact analysis document that can be plugged in the estimation model. Delivery Intelligence visually represents test efficiency from code coverage reports and performance metrics and its correlation across historical test data at application and program level. It can identify tests for maximum code coverage enabling fewer tests to run and thereby saving time. ADDI further enables DevOps adoption by providing a clear understanding of mainframe applications with a single view of test and performance metrics.”

IBM's take

To adapt to change, organizations need a complete understanding of their applications: functional and technical complexities, functional overlapping, cross capability and interface dependencies, embedded business rules and the cascading impact of making a change. Without clear visibility, it can take too long to respond to an important business change. ADDI, made up of Application Discovery (AD) and Delivery Intelligence (DI), provides the tools that organizations need to understand their applications and move with speed.

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