J. Robert Garrett

Director, Operating Systems Programming, Fidelity Investments

“Beware of time bombs with long, slow burning fuses.”

“In a large, complex, and heterogeneous environment that has developed and evolved over decades, coupled with the realities of normal staff turnover, it is difficult to be certain that one has a complete understanding of where all the tendrils of an application run. There may be functions that are executed very infrequently that have forgotten connections and dependencies that will rise up to bite you long after you think you've wrapped a modernization project, only to cause significant impact to your business. Gaining a complete understanding of all the dependencies and connections embodied in any application is critical.”

IBM's take

Running a complex environment means it’s hard to know exactly how everything is all connected. Even if an application seems well understood, it might have a seldom-used function that’s tied to something else that would cause serious problems if broken. Anyone undergoing a modernization project needs maximum visibility into how everything is connected.

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