Antonio Aguila Jr.

Emerging Mainframe Technology Global Capability Lead, Accenture

“Dream big. Start small. Know where you are. And most importantly, why.”

“Fear of the unknown, and whether to do-it-yourself or get the right partner in modernization and discovery efforts, are typical concerns. Any application modernization strategy is heavily scrutinized, not only on the merits of the solution, but also sometimes based on the agenda (hidden or otherwise) of the sponsors. There are also a lot of urban legends and unconscious bias on modernization efforts on both sides of the fence. Whether it be on the complexity and total cost of ownership of the legacy applications, it is difficult to weed out noise vs. factual information in order to come up with the optimal modernization strategy.”

IBM's take

When organizations attempt to modernize applications, just about everyone involved forms an opinion about the pros and cons of the proposed strategy. Whether the project is to remediate, rationalize or re-platform, not having clear information can muddy the waters considerably. Factual information can help a team move past the fear of the unknown, set aside preexisting biases, and and come up with the best strategy for modernization.

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